Shraddh in Lockdown | What to do if Shraddha falls during Coronavirus Lockdown

Pitru Tharpanam

Pitru Tharpanam

Many Brahmins are greatly worried as to what should be done when Shraddha comes during the lock down period due to Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Maha Periyavas book called “Samkshepa Dharma Shasthram” says, when you cannot afford to do Shraddha, feed sufficient grass to cows. They can be fed with rice balls (Pindas). We can do Thila Tharpanam addressing the Pithrus. When you do Tharpana , you should take bath and wear dried cloths.

He who is not able to do Shraddha, if he performs the representative of the rituals with devotion, he gets the same effect as having performed Shraddha.

There is another option. On Shraddha day, do Thila Tharpanam to the Pithru varga and feed one Brahmin on that day (One Brahmin living in another house can be supplied food also) and the other option is to feed a cow.

Written by Shri PR Ramachander.

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