Shivaganga Gangadhareshwara Temple, Tumkur near Bangalore

Shivaganga Gangadhareshwara Temple is located at Tumkur near Bangalore in Karnataka. Shivaganga is a remote village that is dedicated to Lord Shiva with an ancient temple structure located in Tumkur district in the state of Karnataka. It is to be noted that Shivaganga is a four-faced hill.

It is situated at an elevation of about 1368 meters in height. The interesting uniqueness of this spot is that the hill largely comprises of a Cobra in the north, Siva linga in the South, Lord Ganesha in the west and Nandi in the east.

It is a most sought after popular tourist destination therefore it makes it a strategic location for devotees, pilgrims and tourists.  It is to be remembered that a water fall named after Shivaganga waterfall is popular for its scenic beauty and natural attraction.

This waterfall adds a unique value to this religious site in Karnataka as its main feature. This place is really blessed with amazing landscapes and natural beauty.  There are two primary temples at this particular place; they are Honnadevi Temple and Gavi Gangadhareshwara Cave Temple.

There are different route to reach this temples by climbing the fleet of steps that are rock carved or special laid for climbing.  It is to be highly noted that the Patalaganga (a natural spring) is situated between the two said temples. while climbing the huge stairs,  at this monolithic rock, the travelers, devotees, pilgrims and tourists can take rest. Special Shivarathri puja and rituals are conducted in these temples with great devotion and dedication. The nearest railway station is located at Tumkur railway station which is just 12km away.

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