Sharat Purnima Maha Raas, Lord Krishna played Raaslila with Gopis on Sharad Poornima

sri krishna raas lila

sri krishna raas lila

Sharad Purnima is not only meant for Lakshmi Puja, Kaumudi Puja, and Gajalakshmi puja, it is also associated with Lord Sri Krishna Raaslila. Sharat Purnima is an auspicious day on which Lord Sri Krishna played Maha Raas and Raaslila with Gopis of Vrundavan.

To commemorate the divine dance of Krishna, in Gujarat and some other Western parts of India, still Maha Raas Garba dance is performed on Sharad Purnima. The legend associated with Krishna Maha raas and Sharat Purnima night is mentioned in Srimad Bhagvat. Sharat Poonam 2022 date is October 9.

On Sharat Purnima, Krishna invited Gopis for Vrindavan to play Garba Raas with them. They accepted his invitation with utmost pleasure and left to Vrindavan. The Lord welcomed them and to test their love and devotion towards him, he asked “how can you leave your home to meet another man in night, what about your character?” The words of Krishna parched the hearts of Gopis but with tremendous love for Krishna, they replied “we can’t even move our feet an inch from your lotus feet. Where is the question of returning to Vraj?”

Lord Krishna pleased with the answer of love and devotion from Gopis, he initiated Maha Raas with them. Each and every Gopika assumed Sri Krishna as their partner and danced the whole night. But they became proud that “nobody’s devotion can be greater than ours”. Their devotion and love turned into a stage of ego when Krishna identified their attitude in their eyes and vanished from the Raas mandal. Now with repented hearts, Gopis started singing kirtans known as ‘Viraha geet’.

It is to note that in Tripura and Manipur states, Maha Raas or Sri Krishna Raas Leela festival is celebrated on Kartik Purnima (November).

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  1. Harivilaas says:

    star utsav krishna full part maharas leela with gopiya

  2. Lilly says:

    A place in vrindavan where lord krishna and gopiya still dance at night