Sarveswara | Lord Shiva as the origin of Universe



Lord Shiva is being called as Sarveswara, as he is the cause and origin for this entire Universe and every being on the earth. Lord Shiva is in the form of soul in every being and every object existing in the Universe. There is nothing existing without him or his intervention.

It is believed that an object with no life has the soul contained in it in the form of Lord Shiva’s energy. If something is existing in any form of the energy, that is due to Lord Shiva’s thought of its existence.

The minute particle to the gigantic celestial body has the soul in which Lord Shiva resides. There could be an end to the materialistic world, but there is no death for the soul, as Lord Shiva resides in every soul of the being.

Lord Shiva’s form as Sarveswara is being worshipped across the world. He is being revered as the almighty by all the sages and scholars. There was a time when it is believed that Lord Shiva existed in all the forms that existed in the world. And that is the time when Shaivism had found its roots deep into everyone’s virtue of belief.

Lord Sarveswara has the temples mostly in southern part of India. Though people are fond of worshipping him as Lord Shiva, the profound devotees like to worship him as Lord Sarveswara, knowing the fact and means behind it. The word ‘Sarveswara’ can be found in many of the Slokas related to Lord Shiva.

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