Saravana, Staunch devotee of Muruga

Saravana is one of my close friends and with his permission only I am writing the true incident happened in his life. Saravana is a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga from his childhood onwards, since his parents were taken him to the Arupadai Murugan Temples (Six abodes of Lord Muruga), even while was in the womb of his mother.

Saravana is my school friend, and both of us are maintaining thick friendship from our 10th age onwards. Our present age is 50, and, when I met Saravana recently in Kumbakonam, he has shared with me the miraculous incident happened in his life, at his middle age. Both of us were separated few years before, since he went to Mumbai for employment purpose, and just now he has returned to Chennai, for the purpose of starting a new business unit in Chennai.

Accidentally both of us met in Kumbakonam, since he came there for temple visits. During the year 2017, he was employed in a big company in Mumbai, and due to his talents, he has got good promotion, and also started receiving salary in Lakhs. After seeing his improvement, one of the office colleagues felt jealous on him, and hence, on one day, he has asked my friend Saravana to participate in Sunday Lunch with him at his home. Without knowing the evil nature of his friend, as usual, Saravana chanted the “KANDA SHASTI KAVACHAM”, a great Murugan MANTRA, and he innocently went to his friend’s home.

His office colleague has also welcomed him and pretends as if he likes Saravana so much, and asked him to partake the lunch prepared at his home. To his surprise, except his so called friend, no one was there. When Saravana had enquired about it, his friend has told that his wife had prepared the lunch in the morning itself, and went for shopping! Saravana didn’t make further enquiry, and when he was about to take the lunch, he has noticed, an abnormal thing, that is, whatever food served in his plate, contains some black water content, and the food also caused a bad smell. In spite of this stupidity, when his colleague has compelled to eat that dirty food, Saravana prayed to Lord Muruga, and he began to eat it faster. On seeing this, his colleague was very happy, and served him with more and more food. But, to his surprise, Saravana didn’t get suffered from the bad food, whereas he seems to be satisfied with the food. But after some time, his friend began to vomit, though he didn’t eat anything from the morning, and after sometime, he has shared about his evil act with Saravana. The so called friend had served the food after applying black magic on to that food with the help of a magician, and he has done this act very secretly, and for doing this act, he has given a huge amount to the magician.

Saravana’s colleague had now realized his mistake and he also sought apology to him. My friend, the pious minded Saravana had forgiven the mistake committed by the colleague, and he has thanked Lord Muruga, praised him by the way of singing various Murugan songs, and also uttered Sri Murugan Namavali, for saving him from the very big Black Magic Problem.


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