Murugammai, Staunch devotee of Lord Muruga

Ma Murugammai (19th Century AD) was a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga. She also worshipped Lord Muruga in the form of Shivalingam, since she considered that both Shiva and Muruga are one and the same. Though she was a noble woman, yet she suffered from poverty, since she was born in a poor family at a village near Tiruthani Murugan Temple.

Her parents were taken very odd jobs like working as labourers in construction places and working in farm fields. She was the only daughter of her parents. In course of time, she also joined with her parents and helped them in their daily works. During her period, British rule was there.

At that time, there was a practice that some British soldiers would suddenly appear before the place of the poor people, and as per their tastes, they would even take even some pretty village girls with them for the sake of having sexual pleasure with those poor girls.

No one has got the courage to stop such bad act, since those who raise their voice, would have to lose their lives! One day, when Murugamma was working along with her parents, at a farm land, suddenly a British soldier, who was passing that side with his horse, has stopped it, since he has noticed the stunning beauty of the young girl Murugamma. But without knowing about the danger, as usual, Murugamma was chanting the Murugan Mantra, “OM SARAVANA BHAVA”, in her melodious voice. When the evil minded British soldier has tried to touch the hands of the pious girl Murugamma, to his surprise, to his eyes, Murugamma has appeared in the form of a “MOTHER MARY”.

The British Soldier has rubbed his eyes, and saw her again, but, even after that, to his eyes, Murugamma has appeared in the form of “MOTHER MARY”. Then the soldier has realized his mistake, fell down at the lotus feet of Ma Murugamma, sought apology to her, and left from that place with light mind.

After that incident, Murugamma concentrated her entire attention on worshipping Lord Muruga, stayed for a long time in the Tirutani Murugan Temple by doing meditation, and she never got married. In course of time, devotees of Murugan began to approach her in order to get relieved from their sufferings, and she also relieved the pain of the devotees and showered happiness in their life.

For few times, Murugamma has also got the divine vision of Lord Tirutani Murugan along with his consorts Ma Valli and Ma Devasena, and after living a long time by chanting the wonderful names of Lord Muruga, finally after her death, she has attained the lotus feet of Lord Muruga.


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