Sampati | Brother of Jatayu in Ramayana

According to Hindu legend, Sampati was the elder son of Aruna and the brother of Jatayu. He is a vulture. Sampati had a son named Babhru, who was very pious and holy person. Sampati lost his wings at his childhood.

Sampati and Jatayu, when young, competed with other as to who could fly higher in Nilmatha. During such an activity, Jatayu flew very high into the sky that he was about to get burned by the sun’s flames.

Sampati saved his brother by spreading his own wings and thus protected Jatayu from the flames of Lord Surya. Due to that, Sampati himself got injured and lost his wings. As a result, Sampati lived wingless. But after he met with Rama, and after he chanted the RAMA MANTRA “JAI SRI RAM” for three times, he regained his feather and became much healthier.

Sampati also helped in searching Mata Sita along with Angada and Jambavan. Sampati also informs to the attendants of Lord Rama that Sita had been taken south to Sri Lanka. The Griddhraj Parvat, situated in Satna district in Madhya Pradesh, is believed to be the birthplace of Sampati.

Let us worship the mighty vulture Samapati and be blessed.

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