Samarth Pratishthan troupe: Visually impaired to perform in Pune Ganeshotsav 2012

Pune city-based Samarth Pratishthan troupe will show their musical talent during the Ganesh immersion procession this year in Pune. A large group of more than 50 visually impaired talented and skilled students will participate in this event. According to the plan fixed by the mandal initially a visually impaired students will play dhol-tasha in this event.

It is to be highly noted that one of the leading dhol-tasha troupes in Pune is Samarth Pratishthan troop. This troop is exists for last few couple of decades and plays a major role in Ganesh Utsav. This troop has taken major the initiative to train the visually impaired students in music and other important crafts for their livelihood. They use Ganesh Utsav as the right platform for showcasing their talents.

The two participating schools are Poona School & Home For the Blind Girls and Poona School And Home For Blind Trust (PSHBT), Koregaon Park. Their trainers are Milind Pachange, Rohit Gaikwad and Sachin Hodge who is a senior member of Samarth Pratishthan.

Samarth Pratishthan president Sanjay Satpute said, “The joy on the faces of these students cannot be described in words and many have learnt playing these instruments for the first time. The response from the students was very encouraging. Hodge said that visually impaired students learnt things in minimum time and had learnt the main seven beats in just five days.”

PSHBT principal Chandrakant Bhosale and administrative officer Krishna Shewale said, “the school had always encouraged the students to learn new things and had provided them with a platform to display their skills. The students have won prizes at various competitions and it is for the first time that they would be playing dhol-tasha during Ganesh immersion procession in Pune.”

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