Sahasra Chandra Darshan (Sahasra Purna chandrodayam)

Sahasra Chandra Darshana is performed at the age of Eight One years and One Month (81 yrs and 1 month) as at this age the person will complete the darshana of Sahasra Chandras at the time of Uttarayana Punyakal.

The days viewing to the Thousand full moon days even inclusive of adikamasas (as per Hindu Calender). It will also avoids the gandantaras (bad movements in his/her life), and prompts well-being with good life span.

Sahasra Chandra Darshan is a celebration mainly celebrated in Maharashtra and some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. A Shanti puja is also performed during the celebration.


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  1. Hinda says:

    when and how to celebrate sahasra poorna chandra darshan

  2. Nandlaal says:

    sahasra chandra darshan vidhi at the age of what

  3. Kairavi says:

    what is the significance of sahasrachandra darshana shanthi

  4. Tanvi says:

    what is the age for 1000 purna chandran

  5. K.laxmanamurthy says:

    Kindly how to perform sahasra chandradarsan pooja explain me

  6. R. Raghuraman says:

    I was born in Mumbai on 24-01-1942 at 05.33 am. When should Sadabhishekam
    be performed? Thanks for your help.