Sadar 2022 | Sadar Buffalo Festival in Hyderabad, Secunderabad

Sadar Festival, buffalo carnaival celebrated in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, represents the cultural ecstasy of the state of Telangana. In 2022, Sadar date is October 26 and October 27.

Naraynaguda, Kacheguda, Amberpet, Bowenpally, Nagole, Hayatnagar are the best places to watch Yadav community’s Sadar festival.

This festival is a part of Deepavali celebrations. It is a traditional buffalo carnival celebrated by Yadav communities all around the twin cities. According to some sources, Sadar festival is an old traditional event celebrated first time in the 16th Century. In the times of Nizams rule in the Deccan area, Sadar had a greater importance.

Origin of Sadar Festival

Sadar is celebrated on Yama Dwitiya day, the second day after Deepvali. This day is celebrated as Bhai Dhooj in North Indian communities in the city.

Yama Dwitiya is a festival associated with Lord Yama, whose vehicle is buffalo. In order to celebrate the festival in a traditional way, Yadav communities throughout the city take up a procession of buffaloes on streets.

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