Sacred Donation

Organ donation is considered as a very sacred act, since it gives new life to the patients, and their blessings would stay with us forever in our life. Usually when a person is declared as brain dead, his/her parents would come forward to donate the organs of their son/daughter.

Organ donation was in practice since ancient times, and from the Puranas, we can know about the noble act of the great sage Dadichi, who had sacrificed his life itself, by donating his backbone to make the divine weapon Vajrayudha. Through the Vajrayudha, Lord Indra killed the powerful demon Vritasura.

The various kinds are organ donations are as follows:

Heart Donation
With the help of the donated hearts, we can save the lives of the heart patients, and can improve the quality of their life.

Kidney Donation
With the help of a donated kidney, the patient can enjoy his life peacefully for more number of years.

Liver Donation
With the help of a donated liver,the patient can live a healthier life for a minimum of 20 years, based on his immunization capacity.

Lung Donation
Sometimes lungs would be damaged due to some diseases. By replacing the new lung, the patient can survive for many years in his life.

Pancreas Donation
If the pancreas is transplanted to a patient, then his health condition would get improved, and he can survive for many more years in his life.


Intestinal failure may happen due to some type of diseases, and if a good intestine is transplanted to the patient, then his health condition would improve quickly, and he can lead his life in a normal manner.


If Cornea is transplanted to the patients, they can get their normal vision, and they can be able to easily read, write and can see anything before them.

Tissue Donation
Tissue donation includes skin and bones, and through that, thousands of people are getting relieved from their wounds and joint pain, caused due to fire and other accidents.

Hence let us help others by donating our organs.


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