Sabarimala Mandalapuja – Last day of 41-day Mandalam festival at Sabarimala

Mandala Puja is the very auspicious event celebrated as the culmination of the 41-day annual Mandalam festival at Lord Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple. Mandala Puja 2019 date is December 27.

This is the last event of Ayyappa Mandalam festival. Thousands of devotees will witness the auspicious event. On the occasion of the Puja, Sabarimala Ayyappa Sannidhanam rings with ‘Swamiyei Saranam Ayyappa mantram. Ayyappa mandalam season begins on 16 November and ends on December 27 in 2019-2020 Deeksha period.

During Mandala Puja, Neyyabhishekam and Kalabhabhishekam are performed. Neyyabhishekam will be stopped for some time to clean the Ayyappa Sannidhanam for the Mandala Puja.

Thousands of devotees throng the temple to perform Neyyabhishekam during Mandala puja which is considered as most auspicious. Kalanhabhishekam or Kalabha Puja is the ritualistic pouring of sandal paste (kalabham) over the Ayyappa idol.

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    Dear Devasom authorities.

    The contribution getting from devotees should utlise for the welfare of Hindus upliftment. There are many hinuds families who needs help for treatment and education etc. Please use these money to poor people’s need.

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    41dayz mandala puja in sabarimala why it needs to be done