Rudrashtami Vrata – Rudra Ashtami Pooja

Rudrashtami vrata or Rudra Ashtami puja is an observance dedicated to Lord Shiva and Surya Bhagwan. Rudrashtami puja is an important worship for those whose work involves light emitting devices and operators. In 2020, date of Rudrashtami Vrata is September 10. Rudra Astami is observed on Krishna Paksha Ashtami during Bhadrapad month.

On Rudrashtami vratham day, devotees worship or honor the heat and light potencies of God. Rudrashtami puja is a very important observance for those who suffer from diseases related to eyes.

Shraddh Timings, 10 September 2020

Ashtami Shraddh 2020 – September 10 – Madhvashtami or Arudrashtami; Shraddh Timings – 1.17 PM to 3.42 PM

On Rudrashtami, devotees serve blind people and offer food and donations on the day to the blind. Stotras dedicated to Lord Shiva and Surya Bhagwan are recommended to chant during Rudrashtami pooja. Chaksusha Upanishad is recited on Rudra Astami day.

Rudrastami falls during Mahalaya Paksha or Pitri Paksha, hence Tharpan or Arghya is performed on the day to Surya Bhagwan.

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