Rotak Vrat in Shravan Maas | Rotak Vrat Vidhi, Vrat Phal

Rotak Vrat is observed in Shravan Maas in North Indian Hindi Calendar. It is observed in Shukla Paksha, especially on Shravan Shukla Pratipada. In 2022, Rotak Vrat date is July 14.

As per Narada Purana, Rotak Vrat begins on first Monday (Pratham Somvar) and continues for three and a half months. And this vrat is dedicated to Lord Shiva’s name ‘Someshwar’. This 3.5 months-long vrat concludes on Shukla Chaturdashi in Kartik Month.

Rotak Vrat Vidhi

According to Narada Purana, the performer of the vrata would get up in the early morning and do ceremonial bath. At puja place, the idol of Shiva is installed. Shiva Shodashopachar Pooja is performed with Bilva Patra, flowers, Chandan, Dhoop, Deeparadhana, etc. Fasting is observed on this day.

In the above manner, on every Monday from Shravan Shukla Pratipada till Kartik Shukla Chaturdashi, Shiva poojan is performed. As a part of Vrat Udyapan, on Kartik Purnima day, brahman santarpana is performed and vrati would sleep on grass-leaves.

Merits of Rotak Vrat (Rotak Vrat Phal)

Knowledge, strength and wealth would flourish after performing Rotak Vrat as Shiva blesses the vrati with all the aspects of life.

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