Role of a Trishula in Hinduism



Role of a Trishula in Hinduism, what is the importance of Trishula in Hinduism?

Trishula is a kind of Trident. According to the historians and local legends, the birth of origin of this weapon is believed to be from Nepal. It is to be noted that neighboring Nepal very strictly follows the Hindu religion like the Hindus of India. This particular weapon is largely used by Lord Shiva and Goddess Maa Durga.

It is to benoted that the Indian trident is very famous but also greatly found in Southeast Asia nations. On the other hand, it is normally used as a Hindu-Buddhist religious symbol, in Sanskrit and Pali, the word means “three spear”.

In the language of Sanskrit is triṣūla, in the language of Thai is trisoon or tri, in the language of Tamil is thirisoolam, in the language of Malay is trisula and in the language of Malayalam is trisool.

On a danda or staff, it is mounted. It is mostly bladed and not sharp but unlike the Okinawan sai. Polyvalent and rich is the trishula symbolism. In India and Thailand, the word is often refers to a short-handled weapon.

Trishula is broadly wielded by Lord Shiva. In order to severe the original head of Lord Ganesha who is the Son of the Lord, the Lord used this particular weapon has been used. Goddess Durga also holds trishula along with other weapons as one of her many weapons. Even the ancient people used this tool with great proud and spiritual importance. It also symbolizes the past, the present and the future plus creation, maintenance and destruction.

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