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Rohini Nakshatra Stotram | Daily Prayer for Rohini Nakshatra natives

Rohini nakshatra stotram is a daily prayer for Rohini nakshatra natives to chant. It gives immense pleasure, personality development, happiness, and wealth for the natives of Rohini birth star.

The natives of each padam or Charan of nakshatra have different stotram to recite but chanting all the mantras of the Nakshatra will be more beneficial.

Rohini Nakshatra stotram for 1st Pada or Charan

Rudro Bahushira Babhrur Vishva-Yonih Shuchi Sravah
Amrutah Shashvata-Sthanur Vararoho Maha-Tapah

Rohini Nakshatra stotram for 2nd Pada or Charan

Sarvagah Sarva-Vid-Bhanur Vishvaksheno Janardanah
Vedo Vedavid Avyango Vedango Vedavit Kavih

Rohini Nakshatra stotram for 3rd Padam or Charan

Lokadhyakshah Suradhyaksho Dharmadhyakshah Krutakrutah
Chaturatma Chaturvyuhas Chaturdamstras Chatur-Bhujah

Rohini Nakshatra stotram for 4th Padam or Charan

Bhrajishnur-Bhojanam Bhokta Sahishnur Jagad-Adhijah
Anagho Vijayo Jeta Vishva-Yonih Punar-Vasuh

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