Curse of Sages | Rishi Shraap



The curse given by the sages to the wrong doers was prevailed in ancient times, even for small, small things. The sages could not control their anger and whenever they find any fault with others, they would immediately curse them. They will not forgive them, and sometimes due to the request of the cursed people, they would reduce the severity of the curse to some extent, though they cannot entirely withdraw the curse given by them.

Actually why do the holy and noble sages curse? Sages are supposed to maintain patience and show mercy on others, and they must control their anger!

The reason for the curse is to reduce their bad karmas and to purify them. After getting relieved from the curse, their bad habits would be controlled to a great level, and in future they would not again commit such kind of mistakes, and it would be a lesson for them.

Curse given by the sages are also depend on the fate of the wrong doers. Due to the already laid down fate, a person suffers from the outcome of the curse, and sometimes the curse would not be relieved, if the sages think that their curse itself would do goodness in their lives.

For example, the great sage Purushundi, who lived in the Treta Yuga, and an ardent devotee of Lord Vinayaka, once cursed a young couple, when they began to tease him, by seeing his appearance. He cursed the young couple to turn down into holy worshipful trees, ArasaMaram and VanniMaram, and even after the repeated request of the young couple, he didn’t changed his curse. He has done so, since he wants the young couple to get liberated, since Lord Vinayaka would dwell under the divine trees, ArasamMaram and VanniMaram. Still now the young couple are living their life as holy trees, and due to the divine presence of Lord Vinayaka, they are in eternal bliss and attained enlightenment, and getting the permanent enjoyment for ever.

Let us worship the great sage Purushundi and be blessed.

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