Remember to appreciate and make everyone’s day a little brighter

One of the most consistent complaints of working people in virtually all industries is that either feel completely unappreciated, or at the very least under-appreciated. There seems to be unspoken assumption that workers are lucky to have jobs – and the fact that they have jobs is appreciation enough.

The problem is, people need and deserve to feel appreciated. People who feel appreciated are happier, less-stressed, and more loyal than those who feel taken for granted. Overall, they are harder workers and are excellent team players. They quit less often, show up on time, get along with others, exhibit abundant creativity, and strive for excellence.

Conversely, people who are (or even feel) unappreciated often feel resentful and lose their enthusiasm for their work. They can become apathetic and lazy. They are easily bothered, and certainly are no fun to be around or work with.

The more committed I have become to remembering to appreciate those I work with, the better I have felt about myself. And as an added bonus, those I work with seem to appreciate me much more than ever. In this insistence, it really does seem that what goes around comes around.

By remembering appreciate the people you work with, your relationships will be enhanced and, as importantly, you’ll be actively making everyone’s day a little brighter – including your own.

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