Remedies for Mercury in 8th house

Remedies for Mercury in 8th house, Budha in 8th House – Lalkitab remedies.

When Mercury is in 8th house, the native will lead a troubled life and victimised by diseases and during the age of 32 to 34 his income will go down by half.

When Mercury transits the 8th house in annual chart it will give malefic results all around.

When House No. 2 is blank, Mercury will be malefic for 34 years.

When the planet in 2nd house is malefic it will further add to the poison of mercury.

Lal Kitab remedies for Mercury in 8th House

The native should not used red coloured clothes or the red colour in any form as this will increase the malefic effects. He should keep some rain water or milk on the rooftop to get beneficial results.

He should fill a copper pot with moong dal and threw it into flowing water and repeat the same act within 34 to 42 days before and after the birthday.

The items related to the planet in House No. 2 should be donated.

To get the benefic effects of moon, the native should give milk sweet cakes without sugar to a dog or throw it in water.

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