Lalkitab Remedies for Mars in 11th house

Lalkitab Remedies for Mars in 11th house, Mangal, Kuja in 11th House – Lalkitab remedies.

When House No 3 is blank, weak or ill aspected, the native will lead a miserable life and there will be debt and loss of ancestral property.

These things will occur even though the native might have a good income.

When Mars is negative, it will cause the loss of children during the 42nd, 45th or 48th year.

Also the articles and relations of Mars will be harmful and unlucky for the native. Ketu will also yield unfavourable results.

Lal Kitab remedies for Mars in 11th House

The native should never sell ancestral property, otherwise it will be disastrous for him.

He should also keep some honey or sindhoor in an earthern pot to get the beneficial results. Also serve some dogs whenever possible or keep a pet dog.

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