Reciting God’s Name in Last Breath of Life

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Recitation of God’s name during our last minute of life is almost impossible, since at that time, our condition might be very worst, and we might have lost our memory also. Some may feel that life is only for enjoyment, and hence, they would keep on enjoying their life with full of physical and material comforts. Some may think that devotion can be cultivated at their last stages of life. Some people would not have the interest in worshipping the god at all.All of us must know about one thing, that,if we reject the god in our life, then we would only be the losers, and god is not going to lose anything, since he is the Lord of the entire universe, and actually he doesn’t require anything from us.Hence, the best thing to do in our life is to offer our sincere prayers to the almighty from our young age onwards, and that bhakti would help us to recite the names of the god during the time of our last breath also.

At this present situation of life, we didn’t know about the date of death, and we cannot postpone the death also. Even if we suffer from ill health, and if we try to post pone our death, by taking some costly medicines, even then, those medicines would help us to survive in our life only for a few days, weeks or months, and more than that even if we spend lot of money, our health condition would not cooperate with us.

We are not immortals, and we are all born in this earth to die at one point of time, and that is also is not in our hands. Even the great saints like Guru Ramana and Swamy Vivekananda have left their physical body during their death. Since they were divine persons, they didn’t worried about their death, and they left their body without any sufferings.

But for normal people like us, it is very difficult to involve ourselves in the glorious thoughts of the god during our last minute. As per the Bhagavat Gita teachings of Lord Krishna, “Think, Think and Think about me only, and do it throughout your life. If you didn’t show your interest on worshipping me, then, I am unable to relieve you from your miseries and sorrows, and I cannot help you during the time of your death. Hence give top most priority to worship me, in order to lend my helping hand to you throughout your life, and also I will help you during the time of your last stages of life, by giving you a painless and a fearless death. Hence, don’t ignore me, cultivate more and more bhakti on me, and consider me as your friend, philosopher, father and mother, guide and god, and keep more faith on me at all stages of your life”.

Even though the great Lord Krishna had given lot of advices to us from his noble work, Bhagavat Gita, but still we are not fully realising about his significance, and sometimes we are totally forgetting about him. Hence from today onwards, let us make an oath, by offering our wholeheartedly prayers to Lord Krishna, rejoice his glories, cherish about the wonderful things performed by him, chant his names and mantras, and admire his divine beauty.


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