Ravinarayan Ekadashi

Ravinarayan Ekadashi vrat (Narayan Gyaras) is a highly meritorious Ekadashi vrata. In 2017, Ravinarayan Ekadashi date is July 4. It is observed on 11th day of Shukla Paksha (bright half) of Ashad Month.

Ravinarayan Ekadasi is popularly referred to as Shayana Ekadasi, Devsayani Ekadasi, Ashadi Ekadasi and Harivasar Gyaras.

It is believed on this day; Lord Vishnu goes into cosmic sleep (Yog nidra). It also marks the beginning of Chaturmas Vrata, four holy months in Hinduism.


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  1. m.k.watel says:

    The information provided by you is of much importance to hindus of my clan who unfortunately have been thrown out of their motherland(Kashmir)

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