Ravan Vadh or Ravana vadha – Burning large effigies of Ravan on Vijaya Dashami

Ravan Vadh or Ravana Vadha is a ritual and tradition performed on Vijaya Dashami or Dussara. Ravana, who is also called as Dashakanta, was killed by Lord Rama on this day.

To commemorate the defeat of Ravana and the victory of good over evil, people started celebrating ‘Dush-hara’ (the defeat of Dashakanta – Ravana).

In 2019, Ravana Vadha is performed on 8 October, on Dasara.

In the evening of Dasara, Ravana Vadh is ceebrated throughout India. Large effigies of Ravana are burned. For this vadha ritual, crackers are used.

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