Ramnavmi Special Mantras for success in life from Ramcharita Manas

Ramcharitamanas, the epic poem written by Goswami Tulsidas not only describes the Ramayana but also gives some mantrams to chant for success in every aspect of life – mantra to get rid of debts, lakshmi prapti mantram, mantram to get back the lost things, prayer to win court cases and legal affairs, mantra to get married (vivah nischay mantra), Putra prapti mantra (to get children), mantram for better education, and prayer to fulfill wish.

The below mentioned mantras are chanted 108 times a day. It is even more auspicious and highly meritorious to start chanting these mantras on Sri Ram Navami.

A homam (Vedic sacrifice) is also mentioned in Ramcharitmanas for happiness and prosperity in life but it is not possible to do for common devotee. Here are all the mantras that are given in Ramcharitmanas for success in life.

Mantra to get mental peace

Ramacharana dhruda preeti kari bali keenhe thanu tyaga /

Sumana maala jibhi kanta theh girana na jaavayee baaga //

Mantram to get rid of debts and to live with prosperity

Athithi pujya priyathama purari ke /

Kamada dhana daridra dabari ke //

Lakshmi Prapthi Mantram (Prayer to get prosperity and wealth)

Jimi saritaa sagara mahu jaahi /

Jadyapi taahi kamanaa nahi //

Thimi sukha sampatti binahi bolaye /

Dharama seela pahi jaahi subhaye //

Mantram to get back lost things

Gayee bahora gareeba nevaajoo /

Sarala sabala sahiba raghuraja //

Mantram to win in court cases and legal affairs

Pavana thanaya bala pavana samaana /

Buddhi viveka vigyana nidhana //

Vivah nisschay mantra (prayer to chant for getting married)

Thaba janaka payee vasista aayasu bhyaha saaja suvari kai /

Mandavi shrutakee rathi uramila kuwaree layee hankari kai //

Putraprapti Mantram (Mantram to get children)

Prema Magana kausalya nisi dina jaatha na jaana /

Sukha saneha basa maatha balacharita kara gaana //

Sampatti labha mantra (mantra to get wealth)

Je sakaama nara sunahee je gaava hi /

Sukha sampatti naanaa vidhi paavahi //

Buddhi Siddhi Mantram (Mantra to get better education, memory power, learning, and wisdom)

Sadhaka naama japahee laya jaaye /

Ho hi siddha animadika paaye //

Sukha prapti mantram (Mantram to get happiness)

Sunahi vimukta biratha aru vishayee /

Lahahi bhagathi gati sampathi nayee //

Manoratha siddhi mantram (prayer to get wishes fulfill)

Bhava bheshaja raghunatha jasu sunahi je nara arunari/

Thinha kara sakala manoratha siddha karahi thripurari //

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  34. Kaleemulla Mohamed Ali says:

    Dear Hindus all of you must be praying on Ram Navami the birthday of Rama. Can any Hindu brother or sister educate me this day in which year Rama was born, when he died and where was he buried. In which century this great epic happened in India. Please reply with History and Geological proofs.

  35. Hi Kaleemulla, We will share the details shortly, Hinduism is an eternal religio(without beginning , without end). And Rama, Krishna are incarnation of GODS. In the meantime, could you please share the birth date, birth place of Allah so that we can also says:

    Hi Kaleemulla, We will share the details , Hinduism is an eternal religion(without beginning , without end). And Rama, Krishna are incarnation of GODS. In the meantime, could you please share the birth date, birth place of Allah so that we can also find some reasoning as why he created Hindus in the first place, is it because he wanted all muslims to be continuously in fighting mode to keep we hindus or Kaafirs as mentioned in Kuran. Doesn’t Allah wants its sons to live in peace and happiness without being bothered about we hindus.

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