Rai Damodar Brata in Orissa

Rai Damodar Vrata, Rai Damodar Brata, is observed in the Kartika Month in Orissa. It is mainly observed by Hindu widows.

It is observed for first twenty five days starting from the first day during Kartika Maas. Some devotees observe it during the last five days in Kartika.

In 2013, Rai Damodar Brata dates are – October 18 to November 17. Last five days of Kartik Maas in 2013 are – November 12 to November 17.

The deities to worship in Rai Damodar Vrata are – Rai, Damodar and Goddess Lakshmi. Specially made recipe called Havisha is conserved during the vrata by the women.

During Kartika month, married women worship Goddess Vrundavati (Tulsi). Tulsi Vivah is also observed during Panchuka vrata in Kartika month.

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