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Chaiti Mangalabara 2018 | Chaiti Mangalavara Osha or Chait mahina Vrata in Odisha

Chaiti Mangalabar or Chaiti Mangalabara Osha is the vow observed on Tuesdays during Chait mahina or Chaitra month in Odisha. This brata is dedicated to Goddess Mangala.

In 2018, Chaiti Mangalavara vrata dates are – March 6, March 13, March 20 and March 27. Mangala Devi Puja or Shakti Puja is performed during the brata.

The legend or Chait Mangalvar vrat katha is associated with a woman belonging to scavenger community known as Chaiti. She used to offer wine, meat, and eggs to Mangala. She once saw inauspicious face of the Raja of that kingdom and expressed her fear in disgust.

The Raja felt ashamed and crushed all her sons under a chariot. But they restored to life by the divine grace of Goddess Mangala. Since then the Raja and the queen worshipped Goddess Mangala and blessed with sons.

In 2017, Chaiti Mangalavara vrata dates were – March 14, March 21, March 28, April 4 and April 11. Mangala Devi Puja or Shakti Puja is performed during the brata.

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  1. Drishti says:

    how to perform chaitra mangalbar puja at home

    • Nikhil says:

      hello friends i know how to perform chaiti mangala puja .u can need some puja samagri 1st they are,
      1. Gua – 1(Jadi aapono mane kakat pur mangala thu neyiki aasichanti tebe aahuri bhalo),
      3.Aruaa chaula -8
      8.Mati kumbha
      1st clean the khatuli and chean the statue of maa mangala or photo and put one red cloth in the head of maa mangana
      than sprinkle the holy water with tulsi leaf
      than give some haldi kumkum and chandan to the head of maa mangala .and also put the guaa into the the khatuli and put that in the khatuli with some aruaa rice
      give some chandan kumkum and haldi
      than put the kalash with full of water and some mango leafes
      put the coconat on it and one red cloth on the coconat
      take 8 rice and 8 dubaa and give the head off maa mangala photo
      main thing is mandar flower
      so make a mala of mandar and also 8 types of other flower
      abd give the guaa and kalash the flower also than awahna maa mangala
      just burn the deepam
      and jhuna
      and than make yello rice with tatmaric amd also take some milk with rice
      and put in to the head of maa mangala and guaa and kalash
      make pancha amrut with gud ,milk,ghee,honey,and banana
      and give the nabedya
      1 st prasad is in the morning time that is dahi and gud and fruits that is at morning time we said (blo Bhogo)
      At the after noon u can worship with guda puli ,chakuli khiri,cococnat and banana
      and give the arati and puspanjali duu chaula(rice with milk),barokoli patro.and read the book of maa mangala .

  2. Name (required) says:

    puja ro bidhi to aapono mane janile 1st mangolo baro aasuchi 2/4/13 so maa ko puja bhalo se karantu hna ye pujare aapono mane 1te time khayi paribe aruaa khechudi kariki aau ratire kichi nasta kari paribe bina piaaja telo aau rasuno ro.kintu aswino maso ro puja nisha mangal baro
    so seta rati 10 ro puja to aapono mane kichi bi khayi paribe ni rati paryanto.all the best .(Nikhil Kumar)

  3. Sheshdhar says:

    how to do maa mangala puja in tuesdays

  4. Sulochana says:

    how to do pooja to maa during chaitra masam

  5. Anup kumar says:

    Nice description….may I plz b helped by explaining the detailed procedure of ” Nisa Mangala puja” of Ashwina mass….