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Pushya Nakshatra Stotram | Daily Prayer for Pushyami Nakshatra natives

Pushya nakshatra stotram, Pushyami nakshatra stotra is a daily prayer for nakshatra natives to chant. It gives immense pleasure, personality development, happiness, and wealth for the natives of Pushya nakshatra. The natives of each padam or Charan of nakshatra have different stotram to recite but chanting all the mantras of the Nakshatra will be more meritorious.

Pushya Nakshatra stotram for 1st Pada or Charan

Subhujo Durdharo Vagmi Mahendro Vasodo Vasuh
Naikarupo Bruhad-Rupah Shipivishtah Prakashana

Pushyami Nakshatra stotram for 2nd Pada or Charan

Ojas Tejo Dyuti-Dharah Prakashatma Pratapanah
Vruddhah Spahstaksharo Mantras Chandramshur Bhaskaradyutih

Pushya Nakshatra stotram for 3rd Padam or Charan

Amrtamshu Dbhavo Bhanuh Shashabinduh Sureshvarah
Aushadham Jagatah Setuh Satya-Dharma-Prarakramah

Pushyami Nakshatra stotram for 4th Padam or Charan

Bhuta-Bhavya-Bhavan-Nathah Pavanah Pavano Analah
Kamaha Kamakrut Kantah Kamah Kamapradah Prabhuh

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