Pratyangira Devi Puja, Mantras, Slokas

Goddess Pratyangira Devi is known to remove the effects of black magic on the devotee. The days of Amavasya, Ashtami, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are considered very important for the worship of Pratyangira Devi. She is often worshipped with the beej mantra “Ksham”.

Some of the favourite foods of Pratyangira Devi are Panakam, pomegranate, dates and payasam and these are offered to her while doing the puja.

Also Pratyangira Mata likes the colour Red, Yellow and Black and these coloured sarees are offered to the Goddess.

Pratyangira Devi Mantra

Om Ksham Krishna Vasase Simha Vadhane Maha Vadhane
Maha Bhairavi Sarva Shatru Karma Vidhwansini
Paramantra Chetini Sarva Bhoota Dhamani
Sarva Bhootam Pandha Pandha Sarva Vigyaan Sindhi Sindhi
Sarva Vyadhi Nikrindha Nikrindha Sarva Dhusta Paksha Paksha
Jwala Jihwe Karaala Vakhtre Karaala Dhamshtrey
Pratyangire Hreem Swaha.

Pratyangira Devi Gayatri Mantra

Om Aparajithaya Vidmahe
Pratyangiraya Dhimahi
Thanno Ugra Prachodhayath
Om Pratyangiraya Vidmahe
Shatrunisuthiniya Dhimahi
Thanno Devi Prachodhayath

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  1. Srija says:

    what is mean pratyangira devi sadhana? can i can do at my self at home

  2. Priya Dongle says:

    Can I do Pratyangira Devi Sadhana. As I am a married woman, can i start Prathyangira puja on any day or do we need to perform it on any specific day.

    Also I have one more doubt that do I need to take initiation of Prathyangira Sadhana from any Guru/ sadhu or shall I start without any initiation.

    • Nirmal says:

      Dear Priya, usually goddess pratyangira is worshipped only when there is an effect of black magic and her worship is normally not advised in general circumstances. As an alternative if you want to worship sri pratyangira you can chant the pratyangira devi stotram at your home and avoid performing the maha pratyangira homam which is very powerful and not required in general cases.

      • Prakash says:

        Dear Nirmal,

        I pray Pratyangira Devi for the last 4 months. Praying morning around 5 AM and night around 9 PM by chanting Dyana mantra, Pratyangira Gayatri. I have started Astotram from today. ( Tamil) in the morning.

        I think have to perform naivediyam which is very important I believe. is there any procedure or slokas to perform Naivdiya or I can use same Naivediya which is in use for all gods.
        Please advise as to come out many and I get complete decipline while praying Devi.


  3. kranthi says:

    thank you sir for providing pratyangira devi slokas what is the best time to chant these slokas

  4. Kav says:

    When talking about Prathyangira puja, you have missed some points to be mentioned here.

    There are three types of worship namely Bahyapooja, Antharpooja, and Mahapooja.

    Bahyapooja: In this type of pooja, there will be different things are used such as an image, yantra, pratima, etc. and different types of flowers, leaves, etc. and there will be offerings or naivedya.

    In tantric worship/kaula marga five M’s or panchamakaras are used, are as follows: Madhya, Mamsa, Mudra, Maithuna, And Matsya. These are pancha bhoota tatvas.

    Madhya – Akasha tatva – madhya is the essence.

    Mamsa – Prithvi tatva – Swaroopa – as this earth has a particular form “mamsa or flesh” gives a particular form or shape to any animal.

    Mudra – Vayu tatva – this tatva is chalantmaka or moving in nature.

    Maithuna – Agni tatva – if there is a union of two things then there will be an outcome of a product. This may be union of male and female in gross and in subtle, may be the union of “kundalini shakthi” in mooladhara with “shiva” in sahasrara.

    Mathsya – Jala tatva – to flow – This has a flowing quality.

    Antharpooja: This is done with no external objects used in bahyapooja, but one can offer them to his deity mentally. This is also called “manasa pooja.”

    Mahapooja: This is the union of shiva and shakthi or the union of “Kundalini shakthi” with shiva in sahasrara. It is also called “samadhi” or “eternal bliss.”

  5. Himesh says:

    Dear Kav,

    I agree with your view on the sri maha pratyangira devi puja, but you should note one thing that the tantric method of worshipping is not prevalent any more and it is very difficult to get authentic people to perform the pratyangira devi homam.

    Hence it is always safe to worship the goddess at the sri pratyangira devi temple by reciting the pratyangira devi slokas or pratyangira devi stotram which are safe and will not do any harm. But if you want to perform the puja in tantric method there might be some adverse effects if it is not performed properly.

    This is my point of view

  6. Shravanthi says:

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  11. raman singh says:

    dear sir,
    i want to do shree maata pratyangira maalaa mantr, pratyangira stotram and pratyangira kavacham including mantra can i do this pls let me know about all.
    raman singh

  12. Arihaan says:

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  19. Mina says:

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    • Dinesh says:

      Every Amavasai, Light 3 ghee lamp infront of prithyangira devi idol or photo by wearing Red color dress. Surely with in 3 Amavasai our prayer will come true. I had experience on this.. So Devotees please follow this.


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