Prasava Shanthi Pooja: Thanks Giving to your Mother for giving Birth

Prasava Shanthi Pooja is a thanks giving puja to your mother for giving you this birth. It is a compulsory puja for every individual. Mother gives Birth to children but in return children wont offer anything to their mother.

In sastras there is a special puja for thanks giving to their mother for bringing them to this world.

This puja will wash away all your sins, graha dosas and you will come out of all your problems.

The following are the stages of mantra for the Puja.

  1. Extending thanks to your mother for accepting to give birth to you and providing a place in her womb.
  2. During the course of pregnancy she must have faced many health problems for which your asking for pardon.
  3. While you are growing in her womb you might have kicked her with your legs many times for which you request her for pardon.
  4. Due to your weight, she might have faced difficulty in sleep and many other unexpressed problems for which you request her for pardon.
  5. At the time of delivery she might have suffered hell due to labour pains sometimes she had to undergo cesarean for your birth risking her life for which you request her to pardon.
  6. After the delivery she might have fallen sick due to various reasons like sometimes jaundice and other ailments for which you request her to pardon.
  7. Knowingly or unknowingly you have troubled your mother no of times on various occasions for which you request her to pardon.

This puja is a mandatory for every human being. This will be performed only at Matrugaya which is 125kms from Ahmedabad.

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