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Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy, Hanuman’s 1st of 9 incarnations

Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy (Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy, Karyasiddhi Hanuman) is the first incarnation of Hanuman’s Navavatara (9 forms).

This incarnation has hands, one showing the Abhaya Mudra, the gesture of raised palm as protection, while the second hand is holding the mace down on earth. His face is very peaceful. His tail is generally upwards, sometimes down. He is showing his blessing hand to the devotees to get rid of their problems and to fulfil their desires.

If this form of Hanuman has clasped hands, then that form is called as Dasa Anjaneya, Bhakta Anjaneya and Prapati Anjaneya Swamy (Pabbathi Anjaneya Swamy). Prapati means devotion.

‘Prasanna Hanuman’ was worshipped by Vijaya, a Kshatriya King, who ruled a kingdom to get rid of bondings. Hanuman blessed him in the form Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy and got him out of his materialistic pleasures. Parashara Samhita’s 15th Chapter ‘Vijaya Charitham’ explains this story.

Vijayastu Mahashurah – Kshatriyo Lokapalakah

Prasanna hanumath Dhyana – Samsarabdhi Matheetharath || 


Many Hanuman devotees like Arjuna got immense benefits by chanting this Mantra

Tvam asmin kaarya niryoge pramaaNam hari sattama |

Hanuman yatnamaasthaaya duHkhakSayakaro bhava ||

Tasya chintaya yo yatno duhkha kShaya karo bhavet |

“O Hanuma the best among monkeys! You are capable of fulfilling this task. O Hanuma! Become the one who can remove my misfortunes, by employing your effort. If you think of it carefully, your effort will become the one which can remove my misfortunes.”

The Hanuman Ashtakshari Mahamantra given below is very powerful mantra to get blessed by Prasanna Hanuman…

“Om Hraum Anjaneyaya Namaha”

Chant the below Prasanna Anjaneya Dhyana Mantra daily to get rid of all problems in life.

|| Anjaneya mathipaata laananam
kaanchanaadri kamameeya vigraham
paarijaatha tharumoola vaasinam
bhaavayaami pavamaana nandanam ||

|| आंजनेय मति पाटलाननम् कांचनाद्रि कमनीय विग्रहम्
पारिजात तरुमूल वासिनम् भावयामि पवमान नन्दनम् ||

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