Prahladpuri Temple in Pakistan | Multan Narasimha Swamy Temple

Prahladpuri Temple Multan Pakistan

Prahladpuri Temple Multan Pakistan

Prahladpuri Temple is an ancient Hindu temple situated in the present day Pakistan, and it was constructed by Bhakta Prahalada, before several thousands of years, and it is dedicated to Lord Narasimha.

This temple had been destroyed by the Muslim kings, and in the year 1992, this temple was further destroyed by some miscreants. Since then, the minority Hindus in Pakistan are making peaceful protests to build the ancient temple. However, the original deity of Lord Narasimha was safely kept in Haridwar at Narasimha dham Road.

This temple was built by Sri Prahalad Maharaj who has ruled over the entire earth for several thousands of years, and it was built in order to express his love and affection on Lord Narasimha. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, and in order to save him from his father Hiranyakashipu, the Narasimha Avatar takes place.

After becoming the king of the entire earth, Prahalad had ruled over the kingdom in a prosperous manner. He has constructed lot of annadan mandaps, resting places for travellers, and built many temples throughout his life time, and he had given a GOLDEN RULE.

Let us worship the great Bhakta Prahalada and be blessed.

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