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Pitru Tharpanam

Pitru Tharpanam

Pitru Dosham occurs to the people due to the Karmic debts of their ancestors. Pitru Dosham is found in a person’s horoscope, when his ancestors have committed sins in their past births, or when he has insulted his parents or his grand-parents in his past births.Due to this Dosham, people would suffer from lot of problems like poor health, mental instability, disinterest in studies, frequent change of jobs, marriage failure etc.

This Dosham can be rectified by visiting the Parihara Temples like Rameshwaram, Kashi and Gaya, and they must sincerely worship the deities. In those holy places, they have to provide Annadanam to at least 100 people, in order to get rid from the ill effects of the Pitru Dosham.

During every Amavasya day, and especially during the Mahalaya Amavasya Day, those who lost their parents must do Pitru Tharpanam either in their homes or in the temple tanks, in order to satisfy the departed souls of our ancestors, and they also must provide food to crows, cows and to some poor people.

Those who disrespect their parents in their current birth also would suffer from Pitru Dosham in their present birth itself, and it is very difficult to get rid from that, if they cause physical or mental torture to their parents. Nowadays, we would have read in the newspapers, that some people have thrown out their parents from their homes like the garbage, and they didn’t even worry about their bad acts. Those types of people would suffer from severe Pitru Dosham in their present birth itself, and during their old age, they also would be thrown out from the homes by their own sons.

Hence it is our main duty to take care of our parents in a proper manner by providing them proper food, clothing and shelter, and we must give happiness to them by regularly conversing with them, and by the way of taking them to the holy temples like Kashi, Rameshwaram and Dwaraka. Those who lost their parents at their young age can adopt some old aged people from the old age homes, by considering them as their own parents, and by doing that noble act, their worries related to the demise of their own parents would be reduced to some extent.

Our human life is very short, and our each and every activity is being accounted by the almighty. Hence, let us always keep doing good acts throughout our life time, and let us consider our parents similar to the divine parents, Lord Shiva and Ma Shakti, and let us be blessed.


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