Panraj Ji Maharaj | Lokdevta Panraj Ji

Panraj ji (14th century AD) was born in Naga Village at Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Shri Panraj ji was an expert in all kinds of arts, and he has defeated lot of body builders in wrestling and boxing competitions, and he was highly appreciated by the people for his skills.

As per the request of the village people, Shri Panraj visited the Kathodi village, fought with Muslim warriors when they tried to steal the cows, and safely hand over the cows to the people. But some Muslim soldiers had cunningly attacked him from his back, and killed him.

A nice temple was constructed at the place where he was killed. Still now large number of village people are visiting his shrine and worshipping him for getting relieved from various problems in their life.At the place of his temple, a grand festival fair is held twice in a year and during that time, thousands of devotees visit here and the great Lord Panraj ji fulfills their wishes.

There are lot of temples for village deities in Rajasthan and also in other parts of India. People consider them similar to Lord Vishnu and Shiva, and hopefully lives their life by uttering their names. Since these village deities still exists in the form of a blessed soul in their temples, they are immediately answering to the prayers of their devotees, and helping them in their daily activities.

PanrajJi is considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and some village people believe that he would be born again as Lord Kalki during the end of the Kali Yuga, and would bring goodness in their lives. Panraj Ji lived a pious life, and he didn’t cause any harm to innocent people. He provided proper food to his people, and heard their problems, and solved them in a meticulous manner.

Apart from the village people of Rajasthan, we can also worship him as an amsha of Lord Vishnu, by regularly uttering his name as “JAI SRI PANRAJ JI MAHARAJ NAMAHA”, in order to shine in our lives.


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