Panduranga Ashtakam

Pandharpur Vitthala

Pandharpur Vitthala

The Panduranga Ashtakam is the collection of divine poems which was composed by the great Advaita Saint Sri AdiSankara and he praises the greatness of Lord Vittala in Pandarpur, Maharashtra.

The contents present in the Divine poem Panduranga Ashtakam are as follows:

1. Lord Panduranga is the Supreme Brahman and he is the creator of happiness. He came to the holy river Bhimarathi with impressive beauty, and waited in a stone to bless and to give boons for his devotee Pundarika.

2. I worship Paanduranga sincerely, who is the supreme among all the other gods, and he wears beautiful dresses, and he appears in blue colour. He is the consort of Ma Rukmani, who is the incarnation of Ma Lakshmi, and he removes the sorrows and gives spiritual pleasure to us.

3. I worship the great Paanduranga, who holds his waist with his two hands, and heis the father of Lord Brahma. He removes the worldly pleasures from his devotees and instead of that he gives the true spiritual pleasures.

4. I bow my heads before the divine Panduranga, who wears the holy kaustubha Gem around his neck and he looks calm and always appears with a lovely smile.

5. I worship the holy Paanduranga, whose cheeks are covered by glittering ear-rings, and his eyes are similar to the lotus flowers, and he shines like the sun.

6. I salute the mighty Paanduranga, who wears peacock feathers and flower garlands, and
he may be approached by anyone at any time.

7. I praise the divine Panduranga, who is reserved a permanent seat near to him for his sincere devotees. He is the one who removes our sins, and gives spiritual enlightenment to us, and there are no words to praise him, since he is the Lord of the Lords, and the King of Kings.

Whoever recites this divine stotra Pandurangashtakam at least once in a day would get the blessings of Lord Panduranga, and they would prosper in their life.


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