Pandarpur Palki Yatra 2022 on Kartik Ekadashi

Pandharpur Yatra on Kartik Ekadashi is one of the two biggest celebrations in Pandhapur Vithoba temple. In 2022, Pandharpur Kartik Ekadashi Yatra date is November 4.

Pandarpur Yatra is one of the famous Yatras in India. This popular Yatra to Pandharpur Vithoba Temple of Maharashtra is organized four times in a year. Kartik Ekadashi Yatra is one of the four Yatras to Pandharpur temple. Culmination day of Kartik Palki Yatra is Prabodini Ekadashi.

On Mahashadi or Ashadi Ekadashi, the most famous Ashadi Ekadashi Vaadi Yatra is celebrated. It is believed that on Ashadi Vaadi Ekadashi day, Lord Vishnu or Lord Vitthal goes to Yoga Nidra and wakes up on Prabodini Ekadasi day. During these days, Chaturmas Vrat is observed. Devotees carry Palkis (Palanquins carrying the images or idols of Lord Vithoba) and throng to Lord Vithoba temple to visit the Lord and to perform special pujas.

Generally, Pandharpur Kartik Ekadashi Yatra begins on the first day of Kartik month and ends on Kartik Purnima day. But, the most auspicious day in this Yatra is Utthana Ekadashi or Prabodini Ekadasi day.

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  1. Mahesh Mehta says:

    I would like to know is there a yatra at the time of Kartik Ekadasi an. If the yatra is held and when does begin prior to ending at Vithoba Temple on Kartik Ekadasi. I am planning to participate in the yatra in 2011.
    Thank you

  2. Ashutosh Kalmankar says:

    Can you please let me know where could I get the schedule of daily halts/routs of Pandharur yatra 2011.
    I would be really be thankful if you coul mail it on my ID

    Ashutosh Kalmankar