Padmanabha Dwadashi vrata 2010 – Dwadasi dedicated to Lord Padmanabha

Padmanabha Dwadashi is observed on Ashwayuja Shukla Dwadashi just two days after the culmination day of Durga Navratri, Vijaya Dashami. In 2010, Padmanabha Dwadashi is observed on October 19. This vrata is dedicated to Lord Ananta Padmanabha Swamy. On this day, Anant Padmanabha swamy is worshipped in all Vaishnava temples (Vishnu temples).

It is to be noted that another popular vrata dedicated to Anant Padmanabha is Ananta vratawhich is observed on Anant Chaturdashi (Bhadarapada Chaturdashi). On this day, Ganesh nimajjan is performed.

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