Ooty Mariamman Temple

There is a famous Mariamman temple which is situated near Ooty vegetable market. Mariamman is worshipped as the goddess of Ooty by almost all the people living in Ooty. Mariamman, means goddess of rain.

Since ancient times,Lot of merchants would assemble at this Ooty Market, in order to make their business with the local people. Once they saw two ladies, who looked very bright nearby the market. On seeing their divine beauty, the local villagers asked them to take rest under a holy tree, which is situated nearby the market.Suddenly a bright light appeared, and the sisters disappeared. Then the people realized that they are divine goddesses, and constructed a temple for Ma Kaliamman and Ma Mariamman in a single shrine.

We can see both the goddesses dwelling in one shrine only at this temple. Stillnow, people who engage in business at the market would worship the divine goddesses on Tuesday by offering flowers and fruits, as holy Prasad to Amman.

The Temple Festival is grandly celebrated in the month of April. Mariamman, is also worshipped as Ma Sheetala, and she relieves all sorts of diseases from the body of her devotees. During the annual festival, thousands of devotees from all parts of India would visit this holy shrine in order to get a glimpse of the divine mother goddesses. Fire walking is done by the devotees at this temple, and devotees would also light oil lamps and offer Pongal and Kuzh as holy Prasad to Amman.

Ooty is the coolest place, it is a hilly region, and chill weather prevails in all the seasons. Most of the newly wedded couples would visit Ooty in order to strengthen their married life, and they would also visit this famous Mariamman temple in order to make their visit as a memorable one. Ma Mariamman is the divine mother, whose help is very much needed for the devotees at this present day life.


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