Online registration of Srivari Seva voluntary service gains popularity

The on-line registration of Srivari Seva voluntary service initiated by TTD a month ago has been garnering huge response from devotees across the country to enroll for this unique service wherein pilgrims serve fellow pilgrims.

The Srivari Seva voluntary service has been commenced by TTD in the year 2000 in the month of November with a initial figure of just 200 volunteers. At present on any given day not less than 1000 srivari sevakulu are present in normal days and the figure goes up to 3000 during special days including brahmotsavams, vaikuntha ekadasi, summer vacation etc.

So far in the last 17 years till 10 May 2017, over 8.15lakh volunteers have rendered services hailing from Southern, West, Central parts of India. Among them nearly 5lakh constitute Andhra Pradesh, 1.6 lakhs Tamil Nadu, 58000 from Telengana, 37000 from Maharastra, 32000 from Karnataka. While the rest from Orissa, Jharkhan, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Pondichery and Kerala.


The volunteers render service in almost 25 departments in Tirumala including Annaprasadam, Health, Vigilance, Garden, Kalyanakatta etc. The services by these volunteers in distribution of food, water, lending support to aged and specially challenged pilgrims, scanning of baggage are impeccable.


The Tirunamam on the fore heads of Srivari pilgrims has now become a common factor in Tirumala with majority of pilgrims coming for darshan of Lord Venkateswara preferring to wear Tirunamam. The unique Tilak is being put on the fore head of devotees by Srivari Sevakulu at Rs.300 Special Entry Darshan Complex, Divya Darshan Complex, Main Kalyanakatta and at Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy temple.


Apart from the general service, TTD has also commenced two professional sevas including Parakamani and Laddu Prasada sevas. So far in the Parakamani Seva which was launched in 2012 on August 20 about 59000 sevakulu took part in the service till 10 May 2017. While in Laddu Prasada Seva so far 22000 sevakulu have took part till 10 May this year. This seva was launched by TTD on 13 January in 2013. Today out of 49 laddu distribution counters, 14 counters are being operated professionally by Laddu Prasada Sevakulu. Apart from these counters, another six laddu cover sale counters are also operated by the sevakulu only.


To increase the avenue of service to more number of devotees present across the country, the TTD has launched on-line registration of General Srivari Seva on the lines of Parakamani and Laddu Prasada Sevas which has been receiving overwhelming response from the pilgrims across the country and even from NRIs. Initially TTD has opened the gates for on-line enrollment to 1000 devotees.


To provide qualitative services to pilgrims, Sri Satya Sai Seva Organisation(SSSSO) has been giving training in satsang, bhajans etc. to sevakulu every day both in the morning and in the evening for about an hour since last May.


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