Oladevi | Bibima | Goddess who cures Cholera, Pox, Measles

Oladevi is the mother goddess who relieves the diseases like cholera, poxes and measles of her devotees, and considered as the powerful goddess, and she is widely worshipped by the people of Bangladesh and West Bengal, and she is also worshipped as the Kula Devi and Kaval Devi (Guardian deity) by the people. The goddess is also called as Bibima, and she is also worshipped by Muslim people in some parts of Bangladesh.

She is worshipped in Rajasthan along with Mata Shitala Devi and they jointly give their blessings to their devotees and relieve them from their dreaded diseases and gives courage and mental strength to them. She appears in a donkey vehicle similar to Ma Shitala Devi.Oladevi is worshipped mostly by the under privileged, rural and the backward community people.

Oladevi is believed to be the wife of Mayasura, the divine architect. And Mayasura, though being born as a demon was a sincere devotee of Lord Shiva, and got many boons through his sincere prayers.

Oladevi is the incarnation of the Tridevis and wears blue dress, and contains golden coloured appearance and wears rich ornaments. The Muslims of Bengal worship her as Bibima, an ancient Muslim holy woman, who had transformed into the divine goddess, and disappeared in the heavens. With the help of the divine stick in her hand, she used to destroy the ailments of her devotees.

According to the famous song in Bengal, “Those who worship Mata Ola Devi, is free from their sufferings and would get a blessed life, and can avoid taking rebirths”.

Let us worship the divine mother OLA DEVI and be blessed.

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