Official Website of Mysore Dasara 2019

Official website of Mysore Dasara 2019 was launched by the district administration of Mysore, Karnataka. It enables our domestic tourists and foreign tourists to check their itinerary for the nine-day festival. Also known as ‘Nada Habba’, Mysore Dasara festival attracts thousands of foreign tourists every year. There were no official sources available for the same till now, but the website makes it possible for tourists to avail good facilities during the festival.

Addressing media, the officials said that the website contains information pertaining to the history of Dasara- starting from the period of Raja Wadiyar in 1610, besides photos and video of the festivities- including that of Jamboo Savari, the last leg of Dasara. That apart, the famed products of Mysore that have obtained geographical index (GI) tag, followed by tourist spots, events though in preliminary level, telephone numbers of the officers among others are available.

Photographs of Dasara in the period of erstwhile Wadiyars and palaces have also been uploaded. Plans are afoot to include animated tourist guide map, besides making changes once the final draft of the festivities beginning from September 28, is ready.

Taking a cue from the circuit transport facility to check traffic woes during ‘Ashada masa’ connecting Chamundi Hill from the foot of the shrine, the district minister said that there are plans to replicate the same during Dasara too. Three to four km of the core area would be brought in the circuit. As announced earlier one ticket system would be launched.

The benefit here is- the buyer would get access to all the programmes during the event. The tickets will be a part of gold cards, the earlier facility where exclusive seating facility for the card holders were made at the select venues. A total of 6,000 such tickets would be printed and it would be made available for online buyers too, the minister added.

In black and white

The website has nearly six minutes (five minutes and 43 seconds to be precise) video of Dasara festivities during the rule of 25th and last maharaja of Mysore Jayachamaraja Wadiyar.

Entirely shot in black and white, besides English commentary, it takes the viewers on a journey of the past, where the maharaja in the golden howdah the main attraction of ‘Jamboo Savari’ was the cynosure of all eyes.

Go through the official website of Mysore Dasara 2019 here…

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