No ‘Puri Nabajoubana Darshan’ in 2015

There will be no No ‘Puri Nabajoubana Darshan’ in 2015. The devotees will not get a darshan of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra in their new bodies on Nabajoubana day.

The managing committee of the Shree Jagannath temple decided that ordinary devotees will not be allowed to have a darshan of the newly carved idols of the Lords on the Ratna Simhasan on the day of Nabajoubana Darshan on July 17, a day before the world-famous Gundicha Yatra of Lord Jagannath.

In a departure from the practice followed during previous years, devotees can have the first darshan of the Lords only after the completion of the Nabakalebara niti (ritual) on the chariots.

“Nabajoubana Darshan of the Lords will be held this year. It will be held on the day before the Ratha Yatra as usual but no one from the public will be allowed for the darshan this year,” said Suresh Chandra Mohapatra, chief administrator of the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) after the management committee meeting here today.

As per the decision taken at the meetin, the Banajaga Yatra will commence on March 29. On this day, Daitapatis and other sevayats will begin their journey for the search of darus (neem trees used for carving of new idols of the Lords) from the Shree Jagannath temple.

This team (Banajaga Yatra team) will reach the Deuli Mutt on April 2.

Since April 4 happens to be a lunar eclipse day, the majana ritual of Maa Mangala will be held on April 3.

After the prophesy on the locations of the darus by Goddess Maa Mangala in dream, the team will embark on its search for the darus.

After the arrival of the darus of the Lords and the carving of new idols, the bramha parivartan niti (ritual of transfer of soul from the old idols to the new) will take place on July 15, Nabajoubana Darshan will be held on July 17 and Gundicha Yatra (onward journey) of the nine-day festival of the Ratha Yatra will be held on July 18.

“The Banajaga Yatra will start from March 29. On April 3, the Daitapatis and other sevayats will go in a procession to the Maa Mangala peeth where majana and other rituals will be conducted. The process of identification of darus will start after that and on their arrival carving of idols and other rituals will take place. Other annual rituals as were being held in Ratha Yatra in preceding years will be held. July 15 has been tentatively fixed for the brahma parivartan ritual. But we will be making an official announcement on this later”.

Courtesy – Odisha Sun Times Bureau

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