Nirjala Ekadashi: Pandava Ekadasi, Bhimsen Ekadashi on Jyeshta Shukla Paksha Ekadasi

Nirjala Ekadasi, Pandava Ekadashi, Bhimasena Ekadashi is observed on the eleventh day during Jyeshta masa Shukla paksha. Nirjala Ekadashi or Bhimsani Ekadashi is considered to be most auspicious and beneficial day to observe Ekadashi Vrat.

Date of Nirjala Ekadashi in 2020 – When is Pandava or Bhimsena Ekadasi observed?

Nirjala Ekadashi is observed on the eleventh day of first half during Jyeshta month as per the traditional Hindu calendar. In 2020, date of Nirjala Ekadashi vrata is June 2.

Why Jyeshta Shukla Ekadasi is called Pandava Ekadasi or Bhima Ekadashi? What is the significance and importance of Nirjala Ekadashi?

Every devotee who observes all the 24 Ekadashi Vrat in a year, observes this Pandava Ekadasi with utmost devotion. According to several sacred texts, Nirjala Ekadashi fasting or Vrata can give a devotee the fruits of all 24 Ekadashi observances.

As per the Mahabharata, once Bhimasena asked Sage Veda Vyasa about the importance and significance of Ekadasi fasting. Veda Vyasa explained him the benefits and merits of Ekadashi fasting. Listening to that, Bhim told him that his brothers Yudhistira, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva would observe the fast without any hesitation but, he cannot be able to observe fasting on 24 Ekadashi throughout the year. Bhimsen asked Veda Vyasa to suggest only one day fasting that can give him 24 Ekadashi fasting results.

On Bhimsens request Veda Vyasa advised him to observe fasting on Jyeshta Shukla Ekadashi, also called as Nirjala Ekadasi, which can give him all the benefits and merits of 24 Ekadashi fasting. Because of this legend, Jyeshta Shukla Ekadashi is also named as Pandava Ekadashi or Bhimsen Ekadashi.

What to do on Jyeshta Shukla Ekadasi – Rituals and Customs of Nirjala Eakdashi:

Devotees have to avoid even drinking water from sunrise of Ekadashi to sunrise of Dwadashi day. Because of this reason, Jyeshta Shukla Ekadasi is also named as Nirjala Ekadashi (Nirjala means without water). As Jyeshta month (May – June) falls during mid-summer, observing this Ekadashi fasting without even drinking water is more difficult than all other Ekadashi fasting. This vow is accomplished when devotee is utmost dedicated. In some regions, there is a tradition of donating gold and water pot.

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