NID Ahmedabad to celebrate Green Navratri this year

NID Ahmedabad (National Institute of Design) will be celebrating ‘green’ Navratri in 2011. From lamps to decorations, every aspect of Navratri will represent its natural essence of eco-friendliness this year. Instead of large electric bulbs which increases the power consumption the students of NID will be using oil lamps in tea cups to spread the message of the necessity of celebrating festivals in ‘green’ manner.

As per the Times of India

Every night, as the clock strikes 10, the basketball court at National Institute of Design (NID) transforms into a dance zone. That has been the case for the past two weeks. Students at NID have already begun practising the steps of Garba.

“I have heard about Garba and was very curious. I am excited by the opportunity to learn it from my seniors,” said Shaivya Saraswat, an undergraduate student from Udaipur. “It is not very easy, yet it is so much fun. Another student, Vishnu Chandan from Kerala, said: “The steps look so beautiful when seniors execute them. I am practising hard to learn and take part in the festival this year.”

Not only are the students at the country’s premier design institute learning new steps, but they are also taking steps to make the nine-day festival a green practice. From lamps to decorations, the arrangements for the festival will have thoughtful ties with sustainability.

“Noting that a large amount of oil gets wasted as it gets absorbed by the containers of traditional oil lamps, we will light oil lamps in tea cups this year,” said Nihar Desai, a student of NID.

While NID used to heavily decorate its campus with oils lamps during Navratri festivals in the previous years, this year decorations will be displaced by electric light. Compared to oil lamps, electric lights will be more eco-friendly and can be used again next year, explained the students.

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