Navratri Utsav in Pune Chatushrungi Temple

Navratri is the biggest temple festival of Chaturshrungi Mandir, Pune. Chaturshrungi or Chatushrungi temple is one of the oldest temples in Pune and Maharashtra. . Goddess Chatushrungi, also known as Mahalakshmi, Maha Saraswati, and Ambareshwari, is the reigning deity of Pune.

This temple is located on a hillock off Senapati Bapat Road, in the northwest of Pune. Navratri Utsav in 2022 starts on September 26th and ends on October 5th.

Ghatasthapana will be held in Chatushrungi temple on September 26th. Navratri Aarti will be held at the temple at 10 am and 9 pm everyday.

Seemollanghan Palki, the procession of the Goddess in palanquin which would be held on October 13th, marks the culmination of Navratri Utsav.

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