Navratri Upvas | Why observe Fasting in Navratri?

Durga Maa – Mata Khanak Charri Yatra 2013

Durga Maa – Mata Khanak Charri Yatra 2013

Lot of health benefits we would get by observing fasting, and mainly by observing fasting during Navaratri festival days. We are paying our great respects to Mata Durga by worshipping her during these days and by observing fasting, and through that we would get good health and good fortunes in our life.

Each Navaratri day is dedicated to worship Mata Durga in different forms, since she fought and killed the Demon Mahishasura in order to protect the entire universe. We can chant her slokas and her various names, and can do puja in our home during the Navaratri days.

By observing fasting and chanting the glory of god,our body and mind would be filled up with spiritual powers, and bad thoughts would not enter in our mind and especially we would not commit sins during that period.

People observe fast in order to show their dedication on Mata Durga on Navaratri. There is no need to prohibit food for the entire nine days. We have to eat only simple food, and must avoid garlic, onions and non-vegetarian food, and we must not eat rice in the nights during the Navratri days, and take only fruits, fruit juices, vegetarian soups, milk,andonly limited rice in the afternoons.

Let us observe fasting during Navaratri and worship Mata Durga and be blessed.


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