Navratri Upvas | Why observe Fasting in Navratri?

Durga Maa - Mata Khanak Charri Yatra 2013

Lot of health benefits we would get by observing fasting, and mainly by observing fasting during Navaratri festival days. We are paying our great respects to Mata Durga by worshipping her during these days and by observing fasting, and through that we would get good health and good fortunes in our life. Each Navaratri day […]

Navratri Vrat Fasting and Food items for Navratri Vrat

If you are confused with Navratri vrat fasting or upvass and food items to take during Navratri vrat, this article guides you about certain food items that can help in revitalizing your body during fasting in Navaratras. It is true that it’s not easy for fasting nine days during the period of Navaratra or Navratri. […]

Navratri Vrat Niyamas, Rules & code of Navaratri Vrat

Vashno Devi

Durga Navratri, any Navratri Puja has some vrat niyamas, basic rules, codes to follow. Those who follow these rules during Durga Navratri will be blessed with prosperity and happiness. Here is a list of rules or code which can give you an idea on Navratri vrata niyamas: Maintain neatness in puja place. Avoid eating non-vegetarian […]