Navratri 2012 dates, Navratri Calendar 2012

Navratri 2012 dates are listed here. Navratri (Durga Navratras, Navratri Durga Puja) is celebrated for 4 times in a year. Navratri 2012 in October dates and Navratri calendar for 2012 is given here.

Chaitra Navratri, Ashad Navratri, Ashwin Navratri, and Magh Navratri are the Navratras celebrated. Chaitra Navratri falls in March, Ashad Navratri in June – July, Sharad Navratri in September – October, Magh Navratri in January – February.

Among all four Navratras Ashwin Sharan Navaratri and Chaitra Vasant Navratri are the popular ones. Chaitra Navratri dates in 2012 are – March 23 to April 1. Here are the main Navratras dates (Devi Durga Saran Navratri in October 2012).

Dates of Navratri 2012 – Navratri Durga Puja 2012 dates:

  1. First Day of Navratri 2012 – Kalasha Sthapana (Ghatasthapana) – Prathami Puja or Padyami Puja – Installation of earthen pot – Ashwayuja Shukla Padyami (Ashwin masa Shudda Prathami) – October 16, Tuesday
  2. Second Day of Navratri 2012 – Preethi Dwitiya (Preeti Vidiya) – Ashwayuja Shudda Dwitiya –   October 17
  3. Third Day of Navratri 2012 – Sthana Vriddhi Gauri Vrata – Ashwin Masa Shudda Tritiya (Aswayuja Shukla Thadiya) – October 18
  4. Fourth Day of Navratri 2012 – Bhouma Chaturthi – Ashwin Masa Shudda Chaturthi (Ashwayuja Shukla Chavithi) – October 19.
  5. Fifth Day of Navratri 2012 – Upang Lalitha Gauri Vrata (Sri Lalitha Panchami or Maha Panchami)– Ashwin Shudda Panchami – October 20.
  6. Sixth Day of Navratri 2012 – Maha Sashti – Ashwin Shudda Sashti – Ashwin Shudda Sashti – October 21. (Saraswati Avahan – Saraswati Pujan begins)
  7. Seventh Day of Navratri 2012 – Maha Saptami – Ashwin Shudda Saptami – Triratra Vrata Aarambha Utsava Puja (Trirathrotsavam) – October 21. (Saraswati Pujan)
  8. Eighth Day of Navratri 2012 – Durga Ashtami (Maha Astami) – Ashwin Shudda Astami – Sri Maha Durga Puja – Bathukamma Festival in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh – Goddess Saraswati Mata Puja – October 22. (Saraswati Baliddan / Visarjan – Saraswati Pujan ends).
  9. Ninth Day of Navratri 2012 – Maharnavami Puja (Maha Navami) – Suhasini Puja – Ayudha Puja – Kanya Puja or Kumari Puja – Ashwin Shudda Navami – October 23.
  10. Tenth Day of Navratri 2012 – Vijaya Dashami (Dussera / Dasara / Dussehra) – Mahishasura Vadha – Ashwin Shudda Dashami – October 24.

In some regions, Goddess Durga idol immersion (Durga Nimajjan or Durga Visarjan) is held on the day of Vijaya Dashami.

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  1. Kranthi Kumar says:

    Wonderful post. Nice collection of Navratri 2012 dates. Mail me about ‘Bhavani Deeksha’ which is taken up by Durga devotees in Andhra Pradesh. Bhavani deeksha starts in November and ends in January and culminated in Vijayawada kanakadurga temple. I want more details about Bhavani deeksha – rules, regulations, rituals, traditions, pujas.


      Thanks Kranthi for reading our blog. You can see the post about Bhavani deeksha in next month’s updates.

  2. kashmira says:

    Thank you very much for Navratri 2012 dates

  3. nirmal choudhry says:

    Please tell me, Navratri colours 2012. Which color of dress to be worn in nine days of Navratri 2012

  4. kshipra yadav says:

    when is annapurna puja during navratri durga puja in 2012

  5. anita says:

    Its a nice one app.. as well nice updates!!:-) but pls let me know the october navratri’s colour…!!!

  6. Darshna says:

    could you please give me color of the navratri of 9 days,

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    could you please tell about fair dates in OCT 12 so that I can come with my whole family

  8. Dr Saraswati Turlapati says:

    Congratulations Mr Naveen Kumar. A very impressive site. It is so informative and a great guidance for all regarding Hinduism. I read it everyday without fail and gain a lot of knowledge.

    Thank You.

  9. Vasant Mesta says:

    Thaank you so much for your kind informations & Jai Matha Bhavani Bless you all.

  10. Shravani says:

    Thanks for information.Happy Dasara to all and god Durgamatha blesses to all.

  11. Ganesh Lele says:

    According to Nirnaya Sagar Panchang which is widely used/referred for religious activities,this year i.e.2012, Ashwin Shuddha Pratipada falls on 16th Oct. and Tritiya and Chaturthi fall on 18th Oct (as Chaturthi is kshaya tithi- the tithi which doesn’t cover any sunrise and so it is supposed to be an impure day for any auspicious work). So eight days (instead of nine days) of navaratri will be observed. And ninth day being dashami (coming on 24th Oct.) will be celebrated as Vijaya Dashami/Dasara.