Navaratri Darbar at Sringeri Sharada Mata Temple

Navaratri Darbar at Sringeri Sharada Mata Temple is an important event. This special function is being celebrated since the time of Sri Vidyaranya. Sri Vidyaranya Mahaswaminah played a main role in the establishment of Vijayanagara Empire and blessed Harihara Raya and Bukka Raya in every aspect. They in-turn, as a token of gratitude and devotion, offered the whole kingdom, golden throne, crown made of ruby, gold palkin, chatra-chamaras and all the royal symbols at the Lotus-feet of Sri Vidyaranya.

They honoured Parama Poojya Sri Guru Vidyaranya with great titles like “Karnataka Simhasana Pratishthapanaacharya” “Srimadrajadhirajaguru” “Bhumandalaacharya” and so on. Because of the humble request and devotion of these desciples, Sri Guru Mahaswaminah had to accept these royal symbols.

Sri Jagadguru Mahaswaminah wearing crown and ornaments as per the tradition of Sri Math, enters the Darbar at Sharada Temple in a procession through Chandramoulishwara Hall. After this the idol of Sharadamba which is kept at Vyakhyana Simhasana will be brought into the golden chariot.

Rathotsava will be done in the corridor of the temple three times, alongwith Veda Ghosha, Vadya Ghosha and Chatra-Chamara. Acharyah facing towards the Mother walks infront of the Ratha. After the Rathotsava, Acharyah will take his seat on the golden throne which is kept facing towards Sharadamba. Then the chanting of one or two chapters of Saptashati will be done.

As mentioned in the official website of Sringeri Sharada Peetham.

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