Nature Worship in Hindu Dharma

Nature worship is mainly done by the Indian people, and they would worship snakes, trees, birds, mountains, rivers, animals, stones, sun, moon and the stars. All these nature related things are considered as very sacred and they are doing lot of good things in our life.

Trees contain very good medicinal properties, and it cures our various diseases, and gives shelter during the heat, and rivers contain natural beauty and contains holy waters, and by drinking it would remove our sins committed in past births.

Sun, moon and stars provides a grand feast for our eyes, and gives a good mood, and a pleasant experience, which we cannot get anywhere in other artificial places. Mountains contains rich source of Ayurveda medicines, and contains sacred temples, and are worshipful deities.

Birds like Garuda, Eagle, Cow, Crow and swan are also considered as the divine incarnations of the deities. Eagle is considered as the incarnation of the holy bird Jatayu, and Garuda bird is considered as the incarnation of Lord Garuda Bhagavan, animals like tiger, lion and dog are the divine vahanas of the Hindu deities.

Crow is the vehicle for Lord Shanidev, Swan is the vehicle of Lord Brahma Deva, and dog is the Vehicle of Lord Kala Bhairava. Holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Godavari and Thungabadra are the divine mother goddesses, and we are very fortunate to view them directly in our eyes.

Similar to that holy stones are also worshipped as guardian gods, and they would be decorated with sandal paste and flowers, and they would prosper our life, and gives good fortunes in our life.

Hence let us show our great interest in worshipping the nature deities and be blessed.

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