Natural Holi Colours in Kolkata, Satavic Farms Organic Colors

You can buy natural Holi colours in Kolkata for Holi 2012 from Satavic Farms, a popular organic farming unit in West Bengal. The natural holi colours are safe, non-toxic and non-staining. Unlike so-called ‘herbal gulal’ which is made of chemicals, these colours are prepared from 100% herbal extracts.

Talking to, Vikas Chadha of Satavic Farms said “our packaging is made entirely from paper and board, including recycled materials. There is NO plastic used. So the natural products remain natural forever. We not only use natural practices but also encourage others to use.”

Satavic Farms’ natural colours have 3 types of packaging:

  1. 300 gm box – 100 gm of each colour, Rs. 120/-
  2. 500 gm box – 200 gm each of Pink and Yellow, 100 gm of Green, Rs.200
  3. 1 kg packs – individual colours, Rs.300 (per kg.)

These colours are available with prior intimation from:

Flat 4A, North Tower, 2/3 Judges Court Road, Kolkata – 700027.

Vikas Chadha – mobile @ 0 98300 53601

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  1. Minal says:

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    where is non toxic and herbal colours available in kolkata

  4. Shivasunu says:

    where is non toxic and herbal holi colours available in kolkata

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    where to buy organic holi colours in kolkata